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Property Preservation

Keeping a property well-preserved is key to maintaining its value. While all properties require effective preservation, homeowners, landlords and tenants can usually be relied upon to maintain their properties. In some cases, however, mortgage companies, lenders, banks and property portfolio owners require a professional team of property preservation contractors to ensure their buildings are well-maintained and preserved, and that’s where we step in. Our property preservation services span a wide range of areas, but we routinely undertake code violation abatement, eviction services, debris removal, repairs and property rehab, landscaping, pool maintenance and security, HUD conveyance, security and window boarding and replacement.

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Inspection Services

Property owners and managers require inspections for a variety of different reasons, and REI is always on hand to assist. Our experienced and professional team are adept at carrying out comprehensive inspections and identifying potential issues which need to be addressed. Undertaking tenancy inspections, borrower interviews, bankruptcy inspections, natural disaster inspections, insurance loss inspections, occupancy and foreclosure inspections, quality control inspections and sale date inspections, we facilitate all types of property assessments and carry them out to your exact requirements. With the option to schedule routine property inspections, you’ll be consistently updated on the status of your properties and have peace of mind that they’re in good condition. Whether you need monthly, quarterly, weekly or even bi-weekly inspections, our hardworking team can schedule routine property inspections to your exact requirements.

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Real Estate Owned Services

Businesses with real estate owned, or REO, properties on their books may not have the time or the resources to maintain or inspect these buildings themselves. At REI, we offer a range of services designed specifically for REO properties. Depending on the condition of the property when it’s returned to you, we can undertake work to ensure the property is returned back into a habitable and marketable condition. Our property rehab service is an efficient way to restore your property back to its former glory, for example, whilst flooring replacement and interior painting can be a great choice for homes which only require minor adjustments. As well as taking care of the inside of your properties, we’ll ensure the exteriors are brought back up to standard too. External painting, landscaping, debris removal and security are standard REO services, and ensure they’re carried out to an exceptional standard.

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Property Management

Working with all property owners, we offer a reliable, professional and trusted property management service. Whether you own just one investment property, a string of buildings or a large portfolio, managing these assets can be tricky. With our professional services, however, you can reap the rewards of your investment and leave the hard work to us. Property management can involve a variety of services, and we can help you to devise the appropriate management strategy for your needs. You may want your properties to be inspected more frequently at the beginning of a tenancy, for example, with regular but less frequent inspections taking place in residences with more established tenants.

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